• National Mobilising Team

    Mobilizing the church into world missions

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Our vision is to strengthen the church through mobilising people from all walks of life into world missions.


You will find us everywhere in South Africa — hosting presentations in churches, schools or at universities. Through fun, food and educational experiences, we give everyone a taste of cross-cultural outreaches. We build relationships with people who are passionate about building God's Kingdom.

We aim to serve the local church through exploring different ways of being a disciple of Jesus that will result in them going to the nations. Our OMZA mobilisers are the frontline interface between taking the good news of Christ's Lordship to the ends of the earth and discovering the called individuals God wants to involve in full-time missions.


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Our History

How it all started

The foundation of OM is to mobilise the church into unreached nations. George Verwer (OM Founder) and his small team realised that God’s plan was to mobilise His church to reach the nations and as they began to share their vision, hundreds of Christians responded. So Operational Mobilisation was born. That is the reason why we have OM South Africa today.

By 1963, 2000 Christians had joined summer outreach teams in Europe. At the same time, the first year teams moved into the India sub continent and the Muslim world. Their commitment was to reach those who had never heard the Gospel.

Such simple beginnings have shaped OM ever since. Today over 6,100 workers in the family of ministries, representing 100 nationalities, are bringing God’s unchanging truth to literally millions of individuals every year.