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    We are ordinary people, learning and growing as we serve God and others with our gifts and passions.
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  • I am Marcus Spronk

    It’s not an Experience, it’s Life!

    I was born into missions. My parents met each other at Mission Training College of WEC (World Evangelisation for Christ) in Glasgow, Scotland. My mother is from Edinburgh and my dad from a little village in The Netherlands....

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  • I am Nico Broodryk

    We Are One Body

    I was introduced to missions by a missionary from ProChristo Global Missions in 1997 and the Lord called my wife and I into full-time missions shortly after this. I resigned from my office and we committed ourselves to trust the Lord with His plan for our lives, no strings attached...

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  • I am John Benn

    I'm Following My Dream

    I did MDT (Missions Discipleship Training) and then joined the ships as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study at the time. During that time God called me to serve children, especially those at risk. After the ship I studied, with one of my majors being psychology...

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  • We are the Schmidt Family

    We're Experiencing Something Amazing

    God called us as a family to South Africa. We joined MDT (Missions Discipleship Training) and afterwards the OMZA Team...

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  • I am Josh Herb

    Using Sport for Missions

    To be completely honest, a girl that I was interested in got me to go on my first mission trip....

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  • I am Deborah Ngobeni

    God works with everyone and anyone

    I was introduced to missions when I was still a little girl...

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  • I am Grace (Lau) Phago

    OMZA—A Wild Ride

    I never thought I was doing missions while I was growing up. I served the church and enjoyed bringing the gospel to children. When I first did an OM outreach, my idea of missions changed and I realized I was doing it all along...

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